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eCommerce Web to Print

eCommerce Web to Print

Specializing in fast turn, full color, digital and offset printing, they also offer direct mail services, making it easy for you to print and ship from one place.

Sample Pack Cover2Launched in 2007 the site has gone through several revisions with me as creative director. The last major site update was completed in 2009. Due to the complex nature of the proprietary web to print software, the site’s front end redesign was postponed. During the past 2 years we’ve been meticulously working to not only update the look to something more current, but we’ve actually re-engineered the entire workflow. Every screen, label, button and font was subject to extensive user testing and multiple revisions in order to create the best user experience possible. I designed a new responsive grid layout formatted to accommodate the wider screen space needed by our eCommerce site. Each page was carefully designing to shrink down in order to fit tablets and mobile devices. As creative director I had to design and oversee all UI elements within the cart, checkout and account pages. We crafted custom layouts based on how user interacts with different devices in order to ensure our customers had access to tools they needed.

As part of the redesign all internal, external and marketing emails had to updated with a new look that match our refreshed brand. This also included creating standardized marketing landing pages that could be easily updated depending on each campaign. In this version of our site we also include new vertical markets, industry specific landing pages catering to small businesses without their own marketing team. Part of the process was the creation of new sample packs for each specific market segment.



Promo trailer for launch of revamped website // STILL IN PRODUCTION

As part of the new launch, I designed a preview trailer as a video promo to run on facebook.
Preview is not complete as sections of the final site are still subject to change.