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Electronic Component Manufacturers

Electronic Component Manufacturers

The Project

A specialty global distributor of passive, interconnect, electromechanical and discrete components. This huge enterprise was in the process of a new modernization project that required rebuilding all their web properties from the ground up.

My Role

As the UX/UI design lead on this project, my role involved leading the design and implementation or the new redesign. I working closely with our business analyst to research, craft testing scenarios, meet business needs and provide on the fly design solutions and iterations when needed. I worked closely our engineering teams to plan out simple solutions to a project that was overwhelming cluttered and hard to navigate. Those concepts went from diagrams to storyboards, user journeys and personas that allowed me to build a better visual of our core user base. High fidelity interactive mocks were used to test our redesign for efficiency and usability. Once most of the site’s workflow was completed I began working with our development team to build out the front end code and establish a live CSS style guide for our responsive web and mobile applications. As the Lead UX/UI Designer I help define style guides for web, print, and email communication. We successfully launched our North American Segment with a completely overhauled modern UI that felt more intuitive and far easier to navigate.


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Custom Icon font Creation

September 14, 2017