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Marathon Training App

Marathon Training App

Design Exercise / Dante Vargas


Below is a sample of how I might approach a project based on the sample project details that were provided. Most projects I approach with an open mind, I give myself some time to think throughout the day and usually scribble my ideas down as they come. I tried to provide some context for the various screens you see below.



No real structure to it, but it allows me to brainstorm and think freely about the project.

From there I move on to creating lists of the various platforms and what each one should or shouldn’t provide. Being that this will ultimately be a marathon training application I wanted to focus the main attention on a mobile solution that the user could carry around as they train. It would have to not only track their progress but also be able to add, share and view friends to help keep them motivated. I thought about tips or even videos that could be integrated into the mobile solution to help the user better achieve their goal. Users should be able to not only train for a marathon but also for 5k and half marathons as well.

I like creating actionable scenarios that help put a face to the user. It gives me a narrative for how they might interact with the software solution.
Then end goal is this case is to train for a marathon that’s 12 months away.

 I take those ideas, my list, and plan out what a software solution of this type might entail and what features and options a user would have.
I start building a structure to it all and finding out how different screens might flow from one to the next.

After my sketches I usually sit down and make wire frames of the various screens so I can create more detailed screens.
These aren’t just ideas, but include specific data that will be in the final High Fidelity Mocks.

And then finally here are a few screens rendered in detail.

 Login Screen

Intro Section

Run Active

Run Paused

Activity Screen