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Complete Identity Branding

A successful brand is born of the desire to be different, to stand out from the competition. In order to leverage a brand’s full potential, an organization’s business plan and its marketing plan must seamlessly align to produce a sound strategy. This requires carefully measured steps blended with the creative process of designing brand characteristics. Evoke Media researches and analyzes the competitive landscape, identifies and defines a strategy. We develop the right feel and the appropriate messaging, creating unique design characteristics and the implementation of branded components. From the first analysis to the final piece of collateral, we will guide your organization through the complete branding process.



Evoke Media has been designing and programming websites for ten years. We’ve seen many things come and go in the world wide web, and we always keep our ear to the ground for what’s coming out next. We focus on creating websites that are designed and coded beautifully.

We know the web is no longer just on the desktop. We put a huge emphasis on responsive design, which ensures that viewers get the best possible mobile browsing experience, no matter what device they’re using.


Graphic design was rooted in print, and that’s where we began. Although print is often overlooked with the advancement of the web, we still believe there is something really special about holding a beautiful letterpress business card in your hand. Bringing your brand to life through tangible objects is something we love to do.

Whether it’s through ads, banners, billboards, stickers, or some good ol’ fashioned stationery, we can help.


An identity is the foundation of a brand on which the supporting brand elements will rest upon. Building an identity starts with creating a logo that evokes emotion, is unique, memorable, and timeless. Once established, we determine colors, typefaces, social media graphics, and all the necessary supporting elements to begin building brand recognition.

We create helpful tools like brand books (sometimes called style guides or brand guidelines) which help ensure the best image of your brand is carried through to your audience, and that your team has the tools they need to take ownership of your brand.


Motion video is the fastest and most effective way to tell your story. Gone are the days of massive paragraphs of text. Ain’t nobody got time for that. With motion, you can create a foundation of knowledge for your viewers right away, in seconds. Using motion is a great way to explain a process, highlight a unique product or service, show how your mobile app works, or present a problem and solution in seconds.


The difference between website design and application design is that an app is generally tied to a service, and the user is focused on completing an action. This type of work is often referred to as UI / UX design. Our strength in design, paired with our long history with web and front end development makes us good in this space.

We collaborate well with app developers. We pride ourselves in our ability to work through complexities, provide well thought out solutions, and in the end provide the viewer with a beautiful and seamless experience.


You should be able to explain what your company does and the products or services you offer in just a few simple sentences. The problem is, most companies use too much industry jargon and acronyms (we call it IJAA). When this language is translated to the web, it becomes a barrier to ​new and returning customers.

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you focus on the basics: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Once we determine those key things, we’ll help create clear and concise content that speaks directly to your target audience and works in perfect balance with your design.